We’re Screwed 2016

September 22nd, 2016



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N!g…, Pleeez!

September 20th, 2016
screen grab

screen grab

N!g.., pleeez!

It is insulting that the President suggest that not voting for Hillary would “insult” or diminish his legacy.

I can’t speak for all folks of color in the USA but here are the things I will remember about the President

  1.   The first thing which I can’t forget was him throwing his pastor, Rev. Wright under the bus for a sermon where the pastor stated “God Damn America.”  Why would a God bless a county which has done, and continues, to do many wrongs in the world?  But the President didn’t explain the context of the damnation in sermon because he wanted to be elected the First Black man as President.
  2. This Harvard educated and  well spoken front man for the Democratic Party is bi-racial.  He loves being described as being black because the color of his skin suggests that by being elected, we’re in a post racial “America.” And honest man would never let folks forget that he’s  the product of a mixed marriage.  He’s the first bi-racial president.
  3. He received a Nobel Peace Prize and should give it back because of his continuation of wars and illegal drone assassinations.
  4.  I  voted for him in 2008 because I thought he would be force for progressive change in the country.  I didn’t vote for him in 2012 because I came to realize the fraud that he is.
  5. The Black incarceration rates and employment rates remain at all time highs.
  6. Not one banker causing the big bailout went to jail.
  7. His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who left after 3  years was instrumental in the destruction of Libya.  This country was better off with Gadaffi.  This happened on the Presidents watch.
  8. His latest efforts to give the racist, apartheid state in the Middle East over 38 billion dollars in the next 10 is disgusting. Much of the money will be spent with US arms merchants.  Did he ever give that Peace Prize back?
  9. I wanted single-payer, universal health care.  My health care costs have skyrocketed because you guaranteed Big Pharma and the other health care bandits would get new customers, under Obamacare.
  10. He would push through TPP and other global trade deals which only helps corporate managers.  Everyone else gets crumbs off the table.

So, Mr. President, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton because you’re asking.   Vote for Hillary, because you’re black and Black people should care about how they portray you in history books?  You’re using the same racist reasoning Donald Trump is finding so successful. You had eight years to put leave a memorable list of accomplishments for the pages of history.  Don’t blame me or my people for  your failures.


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Los Amigos Del Jefe

September 20th, 2016

Photography by E.W. Faircloth

This group of musicians is Los Amigos Del Jefe, a Mexican band.  I’m guessing the title of the band is friends of the boss, or friends of the leader in Spanish.

The band smokes and I hear them all the time on the local Spanish radio station.  They were seen at a recent festival in Georgetown DE, Festival Hispano.

What I really like about this music is listening to the tuba players.  Bands like this don’t use bass players but use tuba players to provide the bass lines.  The tuba players must have the fastest tongues in the business.  The can play blazing fast notes on such a large instrument.


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Who Is This Clown?

September 18th, 2016

Photography by E.W. Faircloth

We decided to attend  Festival Hispano in Georgetown DE.  It’s a Hispanic festival with food, music, vendors of all sorts and a good activity for family oriented fun.

While walking around, we heard music and saw some folks dancing.  We went to investigate.  A clown sees Margo moving to the music and comes over to pull her out to the dance area.

No, that’s not  me dancing with her.

We dance a bit ourselves but doing Bachata in 90 degree heat is a challenge at my age 🙂


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Almost Got Me

September 17th, 2016

Photography by E.W. Faircloth

Many yard sales seen today. Here’s the driveway of a neighbor. I almost bought an exercise ball. Then I came to the conclusion it would just sit in my garage instead of hers.


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My English Is Not Very Good Looking

September 16th, 2016

Seen on Maxima 95.3 FM Facebook page

My Spanish is not very good looking.

This Sunday , 18th of September, will be a Spanish festival in Georgetown DE. It’s FREE!!!! And there will be live music from many bands. You’ll be able to purchase food, drink and other items. Time is from 11 am until 6 pm. Location is downtown Georgetown on North Race Street. I’m going for the food and dancing:)

The first line of this post is play on famous saying of Celia Cruz, a well-know Cuban-born salsa singer.  She would sometimes say “my English is not very good looking”  because of the lack of a better communication in English.

I did the translation of the above flyer and if there are mistakes it because my Spanish is not very good looking.


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An Affection For Truth

September 13th, 2016
FOX News screen grab

FOX News screen grab

Maybe it’s just me.   But I can’t seem get around a newscaster wearing an USA flag in his lapel.  I could never see such a stooge of the Empire as fair and unbalanced.

America will never be great again, until “journalists” like Bret Baier start showing an affection for truth, not a freak’in flag.


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I Needed A Pesticide.

September 10th, 2016
Photography by E.W. Faircloth

Photography by E.W. Faircloth

I couldn’t figure out what was happening to the leaves on my tomato plant.  That was, until I saw this creature on one of the leaves.  The plant was sprayed with a pesticide.


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A Beautiful Thing To See

September 9th, 2016

Ajay Verma/Reuters

According to Aljazeera.com, tens of millions of public sector workers have gone on a day-long strike across India, protesting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s economic policies, particularly his plans to push for greater privatization.

It’s a beautiful thing to see.

Of course, I only saw it on Aljazeera.com not CNN, FOX or other mainstream media in the USA.



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September 6th, 2016

Photography by E.W. Faircloth

I have never liked the motto of Bridgeville DE, where I live.

This year the powers that be appended “Delaware’s Front Porch” to motto.

It’s part of publicity efforts make the downtown area more appealing.  The efforts targets many folks passing through the area on the way to and from the beach.

It is my opinion that the town gains nothing by displaying a gaudy sign in a Dollar General parking lot.  My next opinion, is that the downtown will always be seen as a hick town  until a certain business owner removes that Confederate flag.



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