To See Better Days

April 8th, 2020
Photography by E.W. Faircloth

Seeing hail last night only to wake up to a beautiful sunny day reminded me a song by Dianne Reeves, popular during my teenage years. One part of the song suggests one must make it through the night to see better days.


Written by Dianne E. Reeves, Tony Donn Lorrich

Sung by Dianne E. Reeves

Silver gray hair neatly combed in place. There were four generations of love on her face. She was so wise, no surprise passed her eyes, She’d seen it all. I was a child, oh, about three or four. All day I’d ask questions. At night I’d ask more. But whenever; she never, would ever, turn me away. I’d say how can I be sure what is right or wrong ? And why does what I want always take so long ? Please tell me where does God live And why won’t He talk to me ? I’d say, Grandma what is love ? Will I ever find out ? and Why are we so poor, what is life about ? I wanna know the answers before I fall off to sleep. ohwoohwohwoh……. She sort of smiled as she tucked me in. Then she pulled up that old rocking chair once again. But tonight she was slightly, remarkably, different somehow. Slowly she rocked, lookin’ half asleep. Grandma yawned as she stretched. Then she started to speak. What she told me, would mold me, and hold me Together inside ahahahahah yeah yeah. She said all the things you ask You will know someday. But you have got to live in a patient way. God put us here by fate And by fate that means better days. She said, child we are all moons in the dark of night. Ain’t no morning gonna come ’til the time is right. Can’t get to better days lest you make it through the night. You gotta make it through the night, yes you do. You can’t get to no better days Unless you make it through the night. Oh, you will see those better days But you gotta be patient. (Be patient) oh baby, be patient. Later that year, at the turn of spring, Heaven sent angels down and gave Grandma her wings. Now, she’s flying, and sliding, and gliding In better days And although I’m all grown up I still get confused. I stumble through the dark Getting bumped and bruised. When night gets in my way I could still hear my Grandma say I can hear her say, I can hear her say. (Be patient) You can’t get to no better days Unless you make it through the night baby. (Be patient) Oh, you will see those better days But you gotta be patient. Child, do you hear me, yeah. (Be patient) You can’t get to no better days Unless you make it, you got to make it you got to make it You got to make it through the night (Be patient) Oh Grandma, oh Grandma Do you see me now, lady Oh oh oh oh oh… (Be patient) She used to sit me on her knee She used to comb my hair She used to tell me stories.. My Grandma took me everywhere

Social Distancing

April 7th, 2020
Photography by E.W. Faircloth

Delawareans are doing that “social distancing” thing trying to contain and mitigate spreading the COVID-19 virus.

My community of Heritage Shores is doing its share in Sussex County, which is in Lower Slower Delaware,

One Possible Solution

April 6th, 2020
Photography by E.W. Faircloth

Many times I need an answer to a problem which blocks me, I use internet searches to find a solution. Most of the times, an answer can be found on the internet. It seems I’m not the only to have had such problems. I’m eternally grateful there’s such a free service, with maybe millions giving advice.

When the soap dispenser in my dishwasher kept doing something strange, I needed to find a solution. Before doing an online search, first I needed to figure out what was not working. After washing dishes the dispenser door would be wide open with a detergent tab still in compartment. Some times the tab would be partially dissolved.

My wife and I have a system for dish washing. Once the dishes are clean we put in a fresh detergent tab and close dispenser. Seeing soap left after a wash cycling means it wasn’t used and dishes aren’t clean. That’s no matter what the dish washer indicates with a green light.

I figured out, by myself, that not waiting until the dispenser was dry was the culprit. It seems putting a tablet in a wet container was causing it to stick. Because the dish detergent is encapsulated in a gelatin-like capsule, that may be the causing of them sticking.

So this one possible solution is my way of giving back knowledge which may be helpful the the internet community.

Is This A Great Place To Live Or What?

March 31st, 2020
Heritage Shores Clubhouse Menu

Above is a takeout menu for groceries. Western Golf, which runs the golf course and restaurants/food/beverage locations in Heritage Shores, is now delivering food to the shut-in. Those who are able, can pick up their food at a designated time.

This is part of community efforts to maintain social distancing while going through the COVID-19 virus.

Social Distancing

March 30th, 2020
Photography by E.W. Faircloth

With COVID-19 affecting many parts of the globe, our country, state and community have instituted “social distancing” guidelines trying to slow the spread of this virus.

Our clubhouse restaurant is offering pickup since food can’t be served on site. The menu has some great items and when one arrives to pick up food, one of the staff brings it out to your car.

I would like to thank our restaurant employees for taking risks to provide fine cuisine for our community.

It’s One I’ll Remember

March 13th, 2020
Photography by E.W. Faircloth

At a recent “Eat, Learn, Grow” event by Passwaters Landscaping company, I managed to come away with something to remember. The event was a show of appreciation by this vendor with included a free continental breakfast, raffles, prizes, a paver patio special, equipment demonstrations and a chance to hang out with my neighbors.

Searching around taking pictures to put on a Facebook page I did my usual approach of getting people interactions, signs, speakers and such. One picture I made was a roll of tickets to be used in the raffles. I’ve done that picture many times. Another was taken from the side viewing tickets on the inside. That may have been done in the past also. For some reason, I decided to look at tickets from the top. That was the “money” shot.

After all these years, this was the first time I’ve done a raffle ticket shot like the one above. It’s shot with camera inside the glass cylinder looking down. You can see the reflection of tickets in the glass.

It’s one I’ll remember.

I Felt At Home

March 7th, 2020
Photography by E.W. Faircloth

Our Clubhouse started serving breakfast today for the first time, on a daily basis. This is the image I like the most of some including diners enjoying food, place settings and etc. Maybe be I felt that way because, at home, I do most of the cooking.

Add Some Spice To Your Life

March 2nd, 2020
Photography by E.W. Faircloth

If you love Indian food , but are hesitant to cook it at home because you are intimidated by unfamiliar names, spices and ingredients – “Fear no more!” Join Haneeda in her HOME KITCHEN for a single session or a series of classes on Indian Cooking.

Haneeda runs the classes out of her home kitchen in Glen Mills PA, near Philadelphia. She loves to cook and is a people person. Her classes are educational, easy going and a true culinary delight.

Students get to assist and follow along in the creation of some Indian food. Then, it’s time to eat.

You can look up “Haneeda’s Kitchen” on Internet or just click the previous link.

A Gutter Buddy

February 24th, 2020
Photography by E.W. Faircloth

Gutter Buddies – Do Not Remove

After the recent issues with the Sussex Conservation inspections, which resulted in suspended building permits, management requests that homeowners do not remove the gutter buddies under any circumstance.

Suspension of the development and builders ability to obtain permits is not acceptable.

In case of severe rains or storms, the gutter protection can be TEMPORARILY removed by one of the development or building teams or an HOA employee. However, MUST be replaced IMMEDIATELY after the weather event.

Let The Cats Operate Dog Park

February 18th, 2020
Photography by E.W. Faircloth

My community HOA manager sent out the following announcement:

Dog Park

HOA management is looking into possible solutions for the ground at the dog park. Obviously, with recent rains, soft soil and pups running and from licking about, the turf is bound to get tattered and messy.

While I am in the process of determining such solution and in scheduling meetings with contractors for the same; I welcome you, as dog owners who use the park, or to those that don’t, to please share your thoughts and feasible solutions to correct the ground at the Dog Park.

I can be reached via email at or by phone at 302-337-9919.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dawn Guappone,
Community Manager
Heritage Shores HOA

—————- ——— End of Announcement ————- ————–

Now looking at the Off Leash Bark Park Rules, I’m convinced the cats should operate the space. They look like something the cats would come up with 🙂